5 Reasons to Throw Away Your Current Wallet

1 Your wallet is too bulky. This can cause problems for your back.
-It has been scientifically proven that having your bifold wallet in your back pocket can cause back and hip issues.
2 Your wallet stacks all of your cards together making it hard to pick the right card.
-If you look at minimalist wallets, you will see that you have to put all of your cards into one slot and in order to get one you have to go through them all.
3 Your wallet doesn’t have an ID slot or easy access to your most used card.
-Most minimalist wallets don’t have any slot to easily show your ID or license, you have to dig through your cards to find it.
4 Your wallet is nothing to be proud of when you pull it out of your pocket.
-Your typical bifold just looks boring and minimalist wallets are lacking in style altogether
5 Your wallet is not a SWIFT wallet

  • A typical bi fold is too bulky and a minimalist wallet is, well, too minimal.
The SWIFT men’s slim wallet is the answer to your problems.
The SWIFT men's slim wallet is a wallet that maintains a minimalist style and design, but adds the features to make it the perfect men's wallet for everyday use. Holding what you need and nothing more the SWIFT men's wallet was designed from hundreds of consumer's input to determine and make a wallet that would be the ideal wallet. The result was the SWIFT wallet. Everything you need in a slim wallet and nothing more.


ID slot | Pull-tab for 6 cards | Quick access to most used card | Trick straps for cash | Slim profile | Front flap | Holds 10 cards

Demo video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lI4tcJmlcgc

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